Kenny Brothers Band: Live EP Vol 1.

by The Kenny Brothers Band

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Live EP recorded live in Quechee, VT and Danville, NH.

Special thanks to Chuck Hayes, Tyler Geis, and Mike Roche


released February 25, 2015

J. Kenny, B. Kenny, T. Kenny, S. Ellis, C. Hayes, M. Roche, T. Geis



all rights reserved


The Kenny Brothers Band Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Honest folk rock music with tastes of blues, funk, and improvisation

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Track Name: Stranger
Im on a mountain
or on a boat
in the sky or on the coast
and I'm tired
down in the valley
where the river runs dry
not much alive
ill find my girl

down and helpless
I need to find someone
to help me out of this desert sun
"sit down have a drink" she said
"man i aint got a gun but I will run if you got one so,
dont play tricks on me"
cuz im a stranger

down till midnight
to watch the moon
and to think that afternoon
i was hung up to die
but were still here
and we dont care
cuz were just two strangers
dancin in our underwear

we went back to her place where she resides
a little house on the countryside
she's got a horse that she always rides
I, see her face, I, couldn't replace it
couldn't replace if I tried
no more a stranger

sometime goes by
you come and you go
you say youll try to make to the show
I think its time to dance with you
dance in the evening, well dance
dance in the dew

come on girl cant you make up your mind
come with me or ill leave you behind
take the train to the city lights but,
no she said, she, wants to stay
"you can go your own way"
and now were strangers
Track Name: Laid Back Lily
laid back lily, takin it easy
gentle jack is working too hard
hang on back, if that, I got a girl
and she's gunna run away from me, yeah

I want you around
I want you
I want you around
I want you

late that night, you came by
to see what I was up to
but trouble aint that far away from me
it felt right, by your side
come a little closer, come on come on
I know you want to be

I want you around
I want you
I want you around
I want you

where you at, I can't laugh
until I see your face
cuz you left in the morning when I was gone
the big man would take your hand
and show you they way
I guess this is when, I guess this is when
I should say

I want you around
I want you
I want you around
I want you

its too late to cover up my tracks
that's why I needed you around
cuz I'm so sick of loving you
and having everything come down on me
and I can't believe I want to lay back
with lily, lily